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Type   Web Site Date 2011  Google Earth Bassin
Monotype Spi Ouest France   21au 25 Avril La Trinité sur mer Atlantique
Monotype  Tour de belle ile

7 mai

La Trinité sur mer Atlantique
Monotype Grand Prix du Crouesty

11 au 13 Juin

Le  Crouesty. Atlantique
Monotype J Cup 27 au 29 août ? PORNIC Atlantique


The  “Classe J 105 France” association gathers already about fifteen French owners of J 105 boats.

Only a few minor modifications ware made then adapting the internationals rules to FRANCE.

These modifications are:

1.     Crew of  6 people maximum. 

2.     Main sail and solent, mylard authorized,

3.     Solent HHW 2270 Millimetres Maximum

4.     Maximum Spinnaker S of 95 m² calculated according to the following formula:

          S = ((SLU+SLE)/2)x((SF+(4*SMG))/6)

          SLU = Luff, (less than or equal to 16500 mm)

          SLE = Leech

          SMG = Mid-Grirth (> = to 65% of SF)

          SF = Foot

5.     Renewal of 5 Sails maximum in 2 years.


We wish that many European owners join us in the competitions of the calendar.